Slabdeck's mission is to create a more powerful mobile experience for its users, empowering people globally to do more in less time with everything they want on one platform.
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A Mobile Frontier


October 14, 2011 – Apple’s iPhone is released and Slabdeck founders begin an obsession with mobile convenience as does the rest of the world.


The iPhone solves many common problems making information much more easily available & the possibilities open far and wide. Mobile applications give the entire world the ability to improve each others’ lives.

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Next Step In Mobile


October 14, 2016 – Slabdeck founder theorizes a mobile application that could combine the actions of many of his favorite apps on the 5th birthday of the iPhone.


Immediately work begins as mobile convenience is attempted to be redefined. Imagine not having to hop around from app to app or search engine to app – Slabdeck could bring all this together in perfect harmony cutting your action times in half.

Slabdeck - The Final Piece

The Final Piece


2018 – Present – The greatest minds in technology continue to improve the capabilities of our mobile devices.


The IoT makes way for two final pieces in the Slabdeck convenience puzzle for all mobile users. Artificial Intelligence gives Slabdeck the ability to build decision making programs that can instantly provide the information users want the most.


Deep & Machine Learning platforms are implemented into Slabdeck’s infrastructure so that the app can instantly process hundreds of millions of convenience-driven data points.